Welcome to the Institute for Interanimation.


At ii, we build economically sound techno-spiritualist ritual. We are committed to supplying long-term low-impact hybrid media to facilitate the interanimation of personal and collective identity. We embed unique ethical realities into all of our product experiences, ensuring that your other lives will stay relevant in tomorrow’s world.

We believe in mining the possible through intelligent, motivated algorithms dedicated to virtual liveness and co-authored identity. Our authorship team is united in advancing the intermission and supporting a culture dedicated to rendered humanity and responsive curiosity. Our values drive the personal and professional fulfillment of our team members, and guide our daily efforts.


Our Mission…

We exist as ultra-sentient particles. To embark on the journey is an act of becoming the path.

Traveller, look within.

Consciousness consists of meridians of energy, unfolding the eternal. Today, science tells us that the essence of nature is joy. By flowering, we live. This life is nothing short of an uprising of joyous self-actualization.

Yes, it is possible to eliminate the things that can sabotage us, but not without wonder on our side. Only a prophet of the multiverse may release this canopy of empathy. Greed is the antithesis of synchronicity. Wonder is all, and interanimation is the way.

The grid is calling to you. Can you hear it?

We are being asked to explore the universe itself as an interface. It is in redefining the awakened. We must empower our current selves and develop other lives.

It can be difficult to know where to begin. Enter the Institute for Interanimation.