Mona Kasra

Believer, fire spinner, troublemaker, dreamy idealist. Her optimistic nihilism and creative flair—coupled with a relentless obsession with authneticity—move ideas from tangible to immaterial. She iterates excessively.


Peter Bussigel

Hand actor, 30-something olive enthusiast, wannabe avatar. Working at the crossroads of maximalism and sustainability to build compelling spiritual narratives. Food lover.





Annie Temmink 

Dance enthusiast, semi-professional doodler, and international textile super-fan. Designing at the intersection of maximalism and function to craft delightful experiences. Her imagination is one part mathematician, one part fabulous.


Alan Goffinski

Impartial reclaimed collector, maker, VJ, DD, DDR Enthusiast, ROYGBIV experiencer, WWE sympathizer. Operating at the sweet spot between aesthetics and function to create feeling. He’s fueled by readymades.


Will Mullany

Cyclist, travel enthusiast, audiophile, acoustic dreamer. Producing at the intersection of aura and chaos to resonate experiences that are both vocalized and generalized. He makes every day a melody.


Aspen Miller

Localizer, risk-taker, gadgeteer, yo-yoist, magnets fan and light-throwing affectionado. Creating at the nexus of thespianism and doability to craft experiences that go beyond perceived emotion. Runs on espresso, hugs, and power banks.


Dallas Simms

Experimental maker, trail-mixer, fort architect, soul patcher, surrealist observer, and Survivor fanatic. Striving for meaning at the elusive state of fantastical reality where dreams brew and fizzle. Let’s make a world that’s beautiful, and empathetic.


Ron Lam

Numbers station consultant, record lover, Yamaha owner, DMV collaborator, thereminist. Acting at the crossroads function and glitch to create work for breathing humans. He prefers fuzzy logic.



Visiting Fellows


James O’Brian

Award winner, foodie, hiker, connector, creator, critic.  Dwelling at the junction of aesthetics and computation to craft awe-inspiring and authentic explosions. He works with big companies and startups, students and virtuosos to render the unreal real.


Katie Schetlick

Shaker, current-wave feminist, instigator. Performing at the intersection of simplicity and intellectual purity to give life to dreams.



Sponsors & Donors


The Institute of Interanimation would like to thank the UVa Arts Research Council, UVa Office of the Provost and Vice Provost of the Arts. UVa Music and Drama Departments, Emma Terry, Wren Curtis, Steve Warner, Chris Rybitski, Lauren Duffie, Tim Nielsen, Matthew Kornegay, J.D. Stallings, Amber Boucard, Travis Thatcher and all the interanimators for their continued support and encouragement.